ABC Sports .Net

Attention: ABC Sports

To Whom it may concern

I am sick and tired of trying to contact you about this domain

This domain was registered by an old friend when the internet first started and before any of the domain name laws.

As Internet laws were developed ABC was contacted about this domain, a contract was written, at this point I have to go dig up paperwork to figure it all out. It was over 10 years ago. The bottom line is nobody ever transfered it. This domian has been in my account all these years and I have been paying for it. I have tried to contact ABC over and over, over the years and I've had no luck. even the attorney I worked with years ago couldn't help me.

Over these years of ABC not being able to maintain contact I have suffered some damages now beyond the cost of keeping this thing registered for them. Thanks to a Domain Appraisal for $20,000 I have lost my old friend for years now.

Since nobody is paying attention to this I'll try to update when I find the paperwork and so on...

When somebody there does start paying attention there please contact me at 734-454-9117

I called them on 10-15-2013 and created Corp Ticket Number 18099. Nothing happened


Inital page 10-15-2013

Added Ticket Number 11-9-2013